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Alice Cooper debuting new album on TFE200s

(PHOENIX, AZ, USA)- At a recent Mitek Audio event, rock and roll legend Alice Cooper debuted his newest album, Dirty Diamonds, months before its scheduled release. The event was an after hours business experience showcasing Mitek's newly redesigned showroom with a scheduled meet and greet with the Phoenix resident Cooper, but no one expected the legend to give a sneak peak of the album in a listening room with DCM's latest Time Frame Evolution speakers.

"I was floored when Alice offered," said Paul Schleipfer, the Trade Show and Promotions Manager for Mitek, "it's not everyday you get to sit in a room with Alice Cooper and listen to his brand new music before anybody else has heard it." With an incredibly illustrious career filled with hits like "School's Out" and "Killer," Cooper is a timeless artist famous for his out of control stage show and no holds barred music. With this new album, he and his band have returned to their roots of rock and roll and heavy metal. "Alice always seems to somehow reinvent himself and still produce instant classics. It's just a great album and it sounded even better with these speakers," Schleipfer continued.

DCM is a company known for its grass-roots technology that designs and builds their speakers from the ground up. The Time Frame Evolution 200s are the newest addition and are being praised as the best yet. Two 6.5" glass fiber woofers, a 6.5" Kevlar midrange, and a 35mm tweeter provide a full spectrum of distinct clear frequencies while an ingenious design eliminates unwanted vibration and creates a wide dispersion of sound. Available at an MSRP of $999.95 a pair, they also offer a great value for their unsurpassed quality.

Alice seemed as impressed with DCM's new creation as everyone else was with his. "These speakers are awesome. I can't believe there isn't a subwoofer in the room," he said about the TFEs, "They are incredibly accurate. Let's load them into my car right now."

Dirty Diamonds is scheduled to be released from New West Records on August 2nd and Alice Cooper is currently touring Australia and Europe before returning to the USA in late summer. DCM TimeFrame Evolution loudspeakers are available now.

Key features include active compression circuitry protection. Have you ever been over at a buddy's house watching STAR WARS during the pod race scene when an explosion hits and it sounds like 100 cats simultaneously coughing up fur balls? That's a prime example of an under-powered over-driven system without proper protection circuity. Active compression evaluates the input signal and protects against harmful spikes to keep the amplifier from clipping. So now, when you steer Jeff Gordon into the wall in NASCAR Thunder 2002 on PlayStation, the active compression mechanism throws up the caution flag and says "slow down boys."

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