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(PHOENIX, AZ, USA)- DCM is pleased to announce that it has expanded the incredible TimeFrame Evolution series into a full line of high fidelity speakers. Now with seven models total, the premier line in DCM's family of products has a solution to nearly every application for the modern audiophile and home theater connoisseur.

In January, DCM released the TFE200 and TFE100 loudspeakers. Phenomenal sounding, these towers represented a revolutionized speaker design for high fidelity audio at a great value. And with five new models debuting this fall, DCM has created a full series of outstanding performance loudspeakers.

All models in the TimeFrame Evolution series feature DCM's innovative One Voice technology. This feat of engineering matches the voicing, tone quality, and sonic characteristics of every speaker in the series to create a perfectly harmonized system when different models are used together. This is only possible when the speakers are designed by a smart team of engineers who craft the speakers using the same design, testing, and high quality materials in each model. For example, TimeFrame Evolution models utilize a 6.5" driver array and are real world tuned for ideal performance. All models also feature a Kevlar woofer and a PTC protected Teteron tweeter with shorting ring.

The five new models are suited for a wide variety of uses and perform exceptionally in two-channel pure music listening or surround sound multi-channel applications. A combination of cabinet, in-wall, and in-ceiling models, all family tuned, creates the flexibility to personalize an audio system without sacrificing sound quality.

The TFE60 is a minitower loudspeaker with too many applications to be labeled a surround and too much sound quality to be pigeonholed as a bookshelf. Like the TFE200 and TFE100, they are bi-ampable for more accurate musical reproduction and are slot ported for warm and detailed low frequency response. The TFE60C is a center channel with an unbelievable sound dispersion of 0-90- off-axis, both horizontally and vertically to enhance the detail and presentation of any system. Tuned with a 6.5" passive radiator, it ensures low frequency response that is accurate and realistic. The TFE2630LCR is a video shielded, in-wall speaker for stealth applications and outstanding performance. It is mirror-imagable when used as left and right channels but also performs beautifully as a sleek center channel. It features an adjustable tweeter control (-2, 0, or +2dB) and room boundary compensation for ultimate imaging in any installation. The TFE830LCR and the TFE630LCR are 8" and 6.5" in- ceiling models, respectively. Like the TFE2630LCR, they both feature tweeter level control and room boundary compensation but they also have a 15- angled baffle and a pivoting bridge mounted tweeter to compensate for imperfect mounting locations.

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