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(PHOENIX, AZ, USA)- DCM Loudspeakers is pleased to announce two new lines of family-tuned speakers to suit a wide array of applications. Built on a reputation of high performance speakers dating back to the 1970s, DCM has utilized its progressive engineering to return to these roots of quality loudspeakers.

With ten new speaker models launched at CEDIA 2005, DCM has created two complete series of speakers- TimeFrame Evolution and Time Piece. All the new models offer Kevlar woofers, a PTC protected Teteron tweeter with shorting ring, and feature DCM's own One Voice technology for exceptional sound quality, flexibility, and expandability. Like the rest of the DCM products, the new models offer excellent performance at an affordable price.

One Voice technology is a true feat of engineering that creates nearly identical voicing, tone, and sonic characteristics in each speaker by using the same design, testing, and high quality materials. This harmony between pieces constructs a multi-channel system or home theatre that has ideal performance.

Also, since all the new DCM speakers can be used in conjunction with each other, anyone can build the system desired within their budget. So whether one is looking for a superb high fidelity pair for pure 2- channel listening and wishes to add less expensive surrounds or one is looking for a full 7.1 system using a combination of in-walls, cabinets, and bookshelves, it can be accomplished without sacrificing sound quality or appearance.

The TimeFrame Evolution series has been expanded to include a 2-way bass reflex loudspeaker (TFE60), a center channel (TFE60C), and three new in-wall and in-ceilings (TFE620LCR, TFE830LCR, and TFE2630LCR). All will be voiced and finished to match the incredibly well-received TimeFrame Evolution 200s and 100s which were released earlier this year

The Time Piece series includes a 3-way tower (TP260), a 2-way tower (TP160), bookshelf (TP160S), center channel (TP160C), and a bipole/dipole (TP160BDP) for a completely new line.

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