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(PHOENIX, AZ) - DCM Loudspeakers, a leading manufacturer of unique, performance-packed home audio products, announced today that it is shipping four new loudspeaker products that deliver DCM sound quality along with hard hitting bass response at a price that's easy on the wallet. The DCM FullTime series includes two tower speakers, one center channel speaker, and one bookshelf speaker, all of which are framed in cabinets finished in a handsome black ash and feature stylish copper powder-coated cones.

The new FullTime tower loudspeakers are available in 10" (FT10; 200 watts RMS) and 12" (FT12 250 watts RMS) woofer models, and feature a cabinet constructed of sturdy 5/8" MDF with an internal shelf- bracing system, which reduces standing waves and deadens vibrations, thus improving overall bass performance and vocal clarity. The FT10 and FT12 each contain a 19mm Ferro fluid-cooled PEI dome tweeter. Both towers are tuned by flared 4" ports, one in the FT10, and two in the FT12, further extending low frequency response and virtually eliminating port turbulence.

True to classic DCM styling, both towers are bold and substantial in form. At 31 7/16 x 11 1/8" x 14 5/16" and 35" x 13 1/8" x 16 1/16", respectively, the FT10 and FT12 are a presence to be reckoned with. Each tower contains a 6 ½" polypropylene midrange for truly well- rounded reproduction of your favorite music.

The DCM FT6C center channel speaker includes dual 6 ½" polypropylene woofers for improved power handling. The FT6C (100 watts RMS) is video shielded and timber matched for home theater applications.

Rounding out the family is the FT6, a bookshelf cabinet speaker that contains the same 6 ½" woofer present in the others in a compact package. At just 12¾" x 7½" x 8½" and 100 watts RMS, it's a powerful package that fits any living space.

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