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(PHOENIX, AZ) - DCM Loudspeakers, a leading manufacturer of unique, performance-packed home audio products since 1974, is pleased to introduce two weather-resistant surface mount speaker models.

The new Time Out all-weather surface mount series TO52-B 5 " two way speaker systems and the TO82 8" two-way loudspeaker systems consist of highly efficient woofer sections and titanium dome high frequency devices.

The mathematically conceived advanced design of the DCM TRX CONTROL WAVEGUIDET high frequency director optimizes vocal and musical clarity and gives each model smooth, even sound coverage (90H x 90V for the 5-1/4" model, and 65H x 65V for the 8" model). The speakers feature a symmetrical high frequency section for equal coverage in both vertical and horizontal cabinet mounting positions. TO52-B and TO82 models have magnetic shielding for use near video and CRT monitors as well as a " phone jack and 5-way binding-post.

To withstand even the harshest environments, the new Time Out all- weather surface mount loudspeakers are constructed of weather resistant materials such as UV-resistant talc impregnated polypropylene injection molded cabinets, Hycone treated speaker components, powder coated aluminum grilles and all brass hardware.

Systems are available in white finish and can be painted to accommodate any decor.

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