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(PHOENIX, AZ) - The DCM TB1515 15" powered subwoofer received high marks from Clint Walker, Editor of DVD ETC. in the magazine's April issue in an article entitles "Subwoofer Shakedown."

In his complimentary review, Walker called the TB1515, which features a downward-firing 15" woofer with a 250-watt amplifier and frontward firing passive radiator "a good place to start if you're looking for bang for your buck."

Walker called the TB1515 "the way to go if you're just looking to pump out Eminem tunes and piss off your neighbors."

Additional key features include active compression circuitry protection. Have you ever been over at a buddy's house watching STAR WARS during the pod race scene when an explosion hits and it sounds like 100 cats simultaneously coughing up fur balls? That's a prime example of an under-powered over-driven system without proper protection circuity. Active compression evaluates the input signal and protects against harmful spikes to keep the amplifier from clipping. So now, when you steer Jeff Gordon into the wall in NASCAR Thunder 2002 on PlayStation, the active compression mechanism throws up the caution flag and says "slow down boys."

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