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TP160S-CH (Also Available in Black)

tfe200 image 10 year warranty
Tweeter 25mm Teteron dome
Woofer 6-1/2" Kevlar Cone
Frequency Response 45Hz-20kHz
Grille Black Cloth
Tuning Type Port
Power(RMS) 100W
Power(Peak Music) 200W
Dimensions(HxWxD) 13"H x 8"W x 9 1/4" D

The TP160S-CH is a timeless satellite loudspeaker with clarity and precision that exceeds standard bookshelf sized speakers. Perfect for music aficionados, special effect junkies, and devoted cinemaphiles, these speakers are designed with the power to provide the detail and performance normally reserved for bigger, more expensive loudspeakers. The TP160S-CH is the perfect choice for the space-conscious consumer as this high-quality satellite loudspeaker will blend seamlessly with the other models in the DCM TimePiece and the TimeFrame Evolution series, both visually and aurally.

With the ability to execute at such a high level, the TP160S-CH cannot be defined as a surround speaker. These speakers offer versatility that is only surpassed by their tremendous value. They have the ability to successfully drive an A/B channel system or serve as front or rear channels in your home theatre surround system.

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