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In the spring of 1974, DCM Loudspeakers was born. It began with a deep love of music. A love of music that listened for the emotion and impact of live concert sound from recorded music. A love of music that led the founders to expect more from a loudspeaker than existing audio technology at the time was able to deliver. A pursuit of great sound that led to an obsession with high-fidelity loudspeaker design.

Soon, the legendary TimeWindow speaker was introduced to the world. The TimeWindow®, revered by audiophiles and critics alike, was far ahead of its time. The DCM tradition was born.

A key to the success of DCM over the years has been the ability to meet the needs of the listeners. It's easy to make a great speaker if money is no object. It's much more difficult, to make great sounding speakers affordable. That driving philosophy continues in today's DCM speakers.

Over the past 25 years, DCM has developed a variety of loudspeakers for home stereo and home theater each a masterpiece of sound and design and each with the same love of music that gave birth to the legend of DCM.

It's never easy realizing your dreams.

It takes long hours, hard work and determination. When we set out to design our newest line of speakers, we challenged ourselves to create a set of speakers with clear, accurate sound and strong bass. They needed the feel of a live performance in home stereo and edge-of-your-seat excitement in home theater. And, they also had to look great doing it. The speakers in this catalog are the realization of those dreams.

By controlling design and manufacturing, hand picking components, and thinking outside of the box about what goes in the box, we have done the unexpected and designed the ultimate home stereo speakers, powered subwoofers and home theater components available at prices you'd never expect.

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